Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit a new record

The coronavirus pandemic also had certain positive effects on the past year. 2020 emissions fell worldwide, including the significantly reduced air traffic, but the curfews also contributed to this. Nevertheless, researchers at the University of California at San Diego have alarming news.

Because with 417, 14 ppm, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was at its highest level since the beginning of the industrial revolution. By the end of the year, the scientists are even reckoning with a value around 419, 5 ppm. Simply put, there is then 1 million parts of air to 420 Parts of carbon dioxide.

We must get rid of environmentally harmful energy sources in the long term (Image: Dexter Fernandes)

The average concentration of carbon dioxide over the year 2020 was approximately 413, 94 ppm, the last record was with 417, 1 ppm in May 1600. After that, the values ​​fell slightly again (also because of the pandemic) and rose again continuously from the end 2020. In general, the measured values ​​are higher in autumn and winter than in spring and summer. Because in the warm months plants absorb more carbon dioxide.

The whole thing shows that we have to do significantly more in the fight against emissions. Because in order to avert the worst consequences of climate change, achieving climate neutrality by 2050 (or earlier) is mandatory. By then the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will also increase, but if we do everything correctly, the values ​​should stabilize again in the following decades.

We have only one planet (Image: Markus Spiske)

Professor Simon Lewis from University College London illustrates our lavish way of life a simple comparison: It used to be 200 Took years to reduce the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere by 25 percent increase. Within the last 30 Years we have managed to reduce the concentration of CO2 to 50 percent to increase compared to the pre-industrial age.

Own opinion:

We only have one planet and therefore only one possibility to leave an environment worth living in for future generations. Every small action can therefore have a big impact on the future. So we should ask ourselves especially about the current pandemic, how we can live, travel and eat more sustainably. Because who wants to live at the expense of their own future?

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