Barcelona is equipping 50 square meters of footpaths with solar panels

At the end of this week we want to draw our attention to interesting and sustainable ideas. All over the world, people are trying to find solutions to problems of climate change that will one day benefit us. In addition to the production of bricks from plastic , for example, there are also some other exciting projects.

An example comes from Barcelona. The Spanish city wants to become climate neutral by 2050 at the latest and has therefore come up with a lot. In a small park there are sidewalks with a total area of ​​30 square meters now from solar panels. That should be 7. 500 kilowatt hours of sustainable energy per year bring.

Bauarbeiter installiert Solarpaneele
The approach is first tested on a small area (Image: The Guardian)

With an average consumption of about 2. 500 Kilowatt hours per year could be on this Way three households get climate-neutral energy. Overall, the project costs the city 30. 000 Euro, after six months it should be checked to what extent the technology is suitable for everyday use. Because even if the material is stable, it is not known what continuous pedestrian traffic can do with the panels.

One of the reasons for relocating the generation of energy to the footpaths is that further increasing demand of residents: inside Barcelona. Because a lot of energy is already being produced away from the city, there is usually more space available at lower prices in order to be as sustainable as possible, but the generation should take place at the place of consumption.

Solar energy is mostly generated on huge farms (Image: Markus Spiske)

Fernando Prieto, managing director of the independent think tank Sustainability Observatory, is calling for bigger goals from the city. In the next 5 years, 1 million roofs are to be built with solar panels, then 7.5 million people would be supplied with green energy and emissions would drop by 4.2 million tons. Only then could the goal set for 2050 be achieved quickly and consistently.

Own opinion:

Walkways as an energy source? Sounds interesting, but in my opinion it’s not exactly an efficient way to go. In particular, the wear and tear and soiling of the panels is likely to be significantly greater than is the case with roofs or on solar farms, so efficiency is likely to suffer in the long term from use. Barcelona has to show which problems this way can solve.

Via The Guardian

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