Arrival and Uber team up to build an electric taxi

What will future mobility look like? As of today (as in the past), there is still no real answer to that. The next few years will decide whether everyone sits in their own electric car or uses public transport or transport services. Uber and Arrival tend to see the second scenario and are therefore now merging.

If you have not heard of Arrival yet, then you are not alone. The manufacturer has so far been better known for its buses and delivery vans, which was founded by the Russian telecommunications company Denis Sverdlov. The company has had potential for a long time, since its listing on the New York Stock Exchange the value has risen to 11, $ 3 billion.

Arrival is better known for vans and buses (Image: Arrival)

Now they are teaming up with the probably best-known transport service provider Uber to build a vehicle especially for chauffeurs and taxi drivers. The car envisaged for 2023 is possibly intended to be built in the UK and tailored to the needs of those who spend a long time in front of the wheel. Durable, easy-to-clean materials should be used as well as a passenger seat that can simply be folded up to get more storage space.

But passenger comfort is also taken care of. In addition to the comfortable seats, the vehicle should also have a panoramic roof. By building mostly automated factories, which are close to the sales regions, the price should be lowered as much as possible. The aim is to build a car that can keep up with a combustion engine in terms of price.

The vehicles are to be produced in so-called micro-factories (Image: Arrival)

If that is done, then the cooperation with Uber should bring better integration into the service. When booking, customers should be assigned to the vehicle that still has sufficient range. The deal is still not exclusive, so further collaborations could arise in the future.

Own opinion:

Regardless of the direction in which mobility of the future goes, Arrival is well on the way to gaining relevance in this area. As far as I know, an electric vehicle especially for taxi drivers and chauffeurs does not really exist yet, with the interesting approach, which is still sustainable at the same time, you are also prepared for the future.

Via The Guardian

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