Android 12: is Google finally introducing a theme function?

If Google adheres to the approximate rollout plan for Android 11, then we will have the first developer preview for Android 12 in about one time See month. It is therefore not surprising that the first indications of the functions of the next Android version are appearing on the Internet these days. An exciting discovery has now been made at 9To5Google .

With Android 10, Google introduced the system-wide dark mode. This means that apps and settings are displayed in a dark design, which in turn can have a positive effect on the battery life of smartphones with AMOLED displays. The differences are rather minimal. Personally, I don’t use dark mode primarily because I find the dark version more pleasant.

With the next version of Android, Google could now go a step further and make something like “Themes” possible. There should be a special interface (API) for developers, with which the new design options can also be integrated into their apps. But what exactly will be possible?

Well, in the future you will probably be able to define the main color and the accent colors according to your mood. This color should also be able to automatically adapt to the selected background image (wallpaper) and manufacturers should be given the opportunity to equip their smartphones with exclusive colors.

By the way, themes on Android are basically nothing new – on the contrary. Many manufacturers have been offering their own theme engine for their interfaces for years. It would be new that a theme function would be anchored directly in Android, which in the end would simply be the better solution.

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