Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in the test: Reading on the next level

The coronavirus pandemic is slowly coming to an end, but in retrospect one thing has become popular again during the many lockdowns: reading. If you are not a big fan of big, heavy books and you don’t need the feeling of physical paper pages, you will probably fall back on an e-reader sooner or later. With its Kindle series, Amazon has been offering several such devices for years, so time after the Tolino to feel the Kindle on the tooth.

Before we start: The Kindle was provided to us free of charge by Amazon, but (as with other tests on this page) this had no effect on the test result achieved here.


Solid and high resolution

If we take the Kindle Paperwhite out of the packaging, one thing quickly becomes apparent: Despite the obligatory plastic frame, the device feels solid and very stable in the hand. Compared to the Tolino Vision 5, which I tested last month, the Paperwhite gives me the feeling that it can fall down once in a while. Nevertheless, there is one point of criticism: I have the feeling that I have to clean the Paperwhite regularly because the material strongly attracts fingerprints.

Of the Kindle feels stable and valuable, the display is high-resolution

The screen measures a diagonal of 6 inches (approx. 15 cm) and resolves with a pixel density of 300 ppi on. Content is displayed sharply, and reading in the sun is possible without large reflections. The display is well lit, and depending on the time of day and the ambient lighting, I never had any difficulty continuing my books. The only drawback: The adjustment of the brightness and color temperature is reserved for the Amazon Oasis, if you value something like that, I advise against buying the Paperwhite.


Amazon and only Amazon

When purchasing e-books the decision about the marketplace is made much easier for the customer. Simply because only books can be bought and downloaded via the company’s own online marketplace. Amazon also relies on the use of its own MOBI format and unfortunately does not use the widespread, open ePub standard. Although other formats can also be read with the Kindle, reading an e-book from Amazon only works with your own software.

Books can only be bought via the Amazon shop

However, marketing has an advantage via your own shop. In the case of titles, we can also buy the audiobook via Audible and synchronize the current reading status (if available). So it is possible to start with the book of choice in bed and just continue listening in the car. This is missing from other providers so far and brings the Kindle Paperwhite bonus points.

Start reading, progress with listening: This is only possible with Audible and Kindle (Image: Amazon)


Unadulterated user experience

The Kindle also shows its strengths through the software used. Navigating through the shop, viewing your own notes for each book or buying and downloading new e-books all work more smoothly than on any other device in this class. Also positive and noteworthy: the display can be reversed, so if you don’t want to be exposed to your book in dark surroundings, you can change the background and font color (white text on a black background instead of black text on a white background).

In addition to the page color, a user-defined font can also be selected (Image: Amazon)

You can also send files to Kindle using an email address in the Amazon account. For example, PDFs or longer documents can also be read using the e-reader. But there is still a small drawback. In some cases it takes a long time for the Kindle to wake up from sleep. This is not very important, but in the future I would like to see hardly any difference in time between opening a book.

Battery life

No socket – no problem

Should you not be able to get past a socket for a long time, then that’s not a big problem for the Kindle Paperwhite. The reason is a sufficiently sized battery, which with half an hour of reading time per day will last you about 3-4 months. That is easily enough for everyday life, so even with a 2 week holiday in a tent you don’t have to do without your own reading.

On the beach without a charging cable ? No problem, the Paperwhite has enough battery capacity (Image: Amazon)

Should the device take its last breath, the battery will be fully charged within just under 3 hours. This is not particularly fast, but since the e-book is not an everyday object, the loading time is just acceptable.


Read! Anywhere you want

Like any other book, the Kindle Paperwhite can simply be taken into the bathtub or (hopefully soon again) to the pool. Basically the device is certified according to IPX 8 and lasts up to 60 minutes in 2 meters water depth. Depending on your needs, you can use a built-in memory with 8 or 15 Access gigabytes of capacity. So you have between 8. 000 and 32. 000 Books always at hand.

The Kindle Paperwhite can also go for a swim (Image: Amazon)

The synchronization with other end devices also works perfectly. You can easily browse your e-book in the morning and continue reading the story on your smartphone on the way to work. Do you choose a Kindle with 15 Gigabyte and Cellular connection, so you can access your library, shop or new books from anywhere.

Finally, I would like to say something about the financing model: Amazon sells the Kindle Paperwhite in 2 copies: “With advertising ”And“ Without Ads ”. With the former, the price is a little lower, but you will see offers on your child’s home page, so you swap the discount for advertising. This is certainly annoying for many people, so I would recommend the variant without advertising.


Still the best e-reader

After my test with the Kindle Paperwhite, there is only one thing left for me to say: Amazon is watching back to over a decade with the Kindle, no wonder the e-reader is one of the best of its kind. The reading flow is fluid, the storage of notes and the synchronization of the current reading status works flawlessly. The Kindle, on the other hand, is nothing for people who support local booksellers and don’t want to buy everything from Amazon. Here you are better advised with a Tolino.

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