Tesla in Nigeria

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Nigeria is known for so many good and bad things, while the bad things have always been massive and have enveloped the good ones, Nigerians wouldn’t let that affect some parts of their lives and the cars we drive is one of those aspects.

When you look around, it’s obvious that Nigeria’s economy is in a mess but one thing is confusing, despite the pathetic economy so many Nigerians still drive around in exotic, luxury cars.

To an extent, consider it that any luxury car, no matter how expensive the ride is must have one or two owners in Nigeria.

That’s the same story with Tesla products. There are some people who own Tesla cars in Nigeria. At least one or two Tesla cars have been spotted somewhere around Nigeria and I want to believe that there’s still more out there.

But the truth is, Tesla cars; although being almost of the same price range with the mainstream car brands like toyota and honda an average car owner drives around  in Nigeria we can never have a Tesla car be more popular than it’s right now in the country.

Here are 8 reasons why Tesla cannot be mainstream in Nigeria

·         Charging will always be a problem because of lack of electricity:

Electricity has always been the problem. Billions of Naira poured into the power sector every year but still, 24/7 light is something that an average Nigerian could only dream for.

You know the feeling you get when using your smartphone for something important and the battery goes flat on you and there is no means of charging. You will be relieved if you have a fully charged power bank lying around somewhere but in the case of Tesla, there’s no power bank.

While you may fuel a normal car at the next filling station, an electric vehicle needs to be charged in a proper electric charging station, and this may take several hours depending on the amount of charge you want.

Imagine driving along third mainland bridge and your Tesla battery runs out there.

Imagine electricity is something Nigeria has gotten right alongside a lot of other things electric cars would be a thing and it would be a gradual goodbye to our 100% reliability on gas/petrol.

·         Some of Our Politicians will always kick against Electric cars on our Nigerian roads

One of Nigeria’s biggest problems has always being the politicians. Greedy, corrupt old men occupying the leadership seats with no good agenda to further the nation but only to stuck their houses with riches – for their children and the generations that comes after their children.

Why would a politician suggest that, as an oil producing country that Nigeria should frustrate the sale of electric cars? And I believe so many other politicians and lawmakers will have the same mindset as the idea as the former deputy senator that made that suggestion.

They will only feel good and support the idea if they are the only ones to own it.

·         Bad roads

Another problem that plague the advancement of the whole country. A problem that the receives billions of naira every year to be solved, but we only see the solution next to huge currency figures on paper, nothing is done in reality.

Your Tesla will only survive in Nigeria only if you live inside a sophisticated, modern estate and you also drive around there. Try to pull out on a major Nigerian road, your Tesla will be towed home in pieces.

·         Car theft

Although Tesla is a highly secured car, with so many built in security features and technologies built into it that will make losing the car almost impossible. But when a typical Nigerian arm robber and carjacker means business with you, you will be very lucky to escape with your life intact to even bother about your Tesla.

·         Being a popular target for Hawkers and Beggars

I am not against giving alms to the poor beggars and some disabled individuals. But most Nigerians now have begging as their daily business. Some with hands, feet and eyes intact will still sit along the road begging. Owning and driving a small Toyota corolla will make you top target to this false beggars talk more when you drive a Tesla, if you don’t have your principles set up correctly, be ready to drop alms on every junction or anywhere you pull up with your car.

·         Our Corrupt Nigerian Police will always harass you & might harm you of you refuse to comply

The Nigerian police, another nightmare to behold in this country. They said they are protecting our lives but instead it’s obvious that they are more concerned about their pocket; making it fat at the expense of our lives is now their top priority.

Unless your career is not one of those that the police is allergic to, talking about the lawyers, doctors and top politicians, you will always meet embarrassing harassments with the uniformed men which might cost your life if you refuse to comply with their mischievous demands.

·         Maintenance & Repairs

There’s almost nothing to maintain in a Tesla car because everything is somewhat electric and software based – with 100% electric motor. You wouldn’t risk getting physical damage on your Tesla. But is that even possible on our Nigerian roads? Where tri-cyclists and taxi drivers need to be mad enough to drive around and make their daily living; scratching cars and pulling bumpers from other vehicles.

Finally, there’s no Tesla service center in Nigeria, you dare not take it to your local mechanic. The only solution is to send it back abroad to be serviced and then wait for several months to get it back.

·         Cost

The cheapest Tesla car right now is the Tesla model 3, which costs $35,000 (12.8million Naira) while the most expensive is the Model X P100D which its cost ranges from $79,500-$145,000 (29 million -53 million Naira respectively).

I believe so many Nigerians who have spent upto 120 million Naira in getting themselves wonders-on-wheel luxury cars would see spending 12 million Naira on an electric vehicle a megre expense;  just like buying a toy car for their toddler at home.

But, the experience wouldn’t be the same for millions of average earning Nigerians who would prefer to buy a tokumbo car than spend millions on a brand new one because of their financial status.

Finally, Tesla’s in Nigeria is a no-brainer, the one or two people that owns and drives it around must be living a life out of this world.

I believe with time, the demeaning issues mentioned above will improve in Nigeria and give products like that of Tesla and the rest the opportunity to be comfortably used in Nigeria and the companies also extend their customer support down here too.


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